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I’ll show you how to connect a healthy mind, body, and soul so you can live a life of purpose, calm and intention.


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My methods

Three paths to explore:

Meditation as a tool for clarity.
Yoga Nidra as a tool to restore body and mind.
Mindful living as a tool to restore calm.

A more balanced life

With online meditation and Yoga Nidra as well as guidance for positive living, you can create a more harmonious and peaceful lifestyle.

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These popular individual classes are a great place to start, if you’re not yet ready to join a full mindful living program.

Learn to rest

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Find rest and restoration through the power of Yoga Nidra, guided online classes

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Weekly Meditation

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This weekly class will help you master meditation and make it a powerful part of your daily routine.


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Ready to learn about Mindfulness and Positive Psychology

6 week online mindfulness course

New Courses commencing

✨26th January - 15th March 2024 (12:00-13:00)

✨30th January - 5th March 2024 (19:30-21:00)

Discover the benefits of mindfulness and positive psychology in bringing presence and calm to your life

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Hi! I’m Ceara, a mindful living coach. I work with clients to restore calm in their lives so they can live a life of intention, presence, and purpose.


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